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"Coastal Rhythms" by Anne Willcox
Kia ora,
     Such good news on the national COVID-19 front, despite a few blips at the borders, and on the art front too, with the galleries all being open now. Read on for the President's Report, for a description of the February art trip to Picton, for recent and upcoming events, and a tribute to Life member Anne Wilcox. 
     And while we have your attention, earmark July 29 (Wednesday).  All members are invited to socialise over pizza and something to drink at the Workshop on New Street from 5:30pm. 
                                                                     Nga mihi.
     I sincerely hope we all found a good side to the Covid-19 lockdown imposed upon us. Not least some experimenting with new art techniques and time to reflect on our process, content and direction.
The Autumn Exhibition was cancelled but you had obviously prepared some fabulous work which we were delighted to share on our facebook page and email out to our members.
     We had started the year with the Summer Cash and Carry selling 46 art works to a value of $15,000. This was followed by Cathy Jones "A Clean Sweep" with a pun on Carmichaelia nana, the native broom.  "Pure Pigment" put together by 3 pastel artists; Glenys Forbes, Nicola Reif and Colleen Henderson, members of PANZ, covered our walls. They sold six artworks for $4000. In the one week that Rose Shepard was reduced to, her "Evanescence and Imperfection" exhibition also sold six artworks.
     We have had to reorganise our schedule for the rest of the year. With the uncertainty of when the Gallery would reopen and whether visitors would appear, the committee put together "Isolation Breakout" with a diverse range of artworks.
     Following that we had four keen new members exhibiting a medley of work from 8th June. Unfortunately, there was no opening but plenty of time for you to view the exhibition.
     The rest of the year may be a challenge to generate an equal profit to last year but we can sustain this. We are here for our members and supporters to create new opportunities and are open to new ideas.  It is important for us to maintain our presence in the Mckee gallery and I have no doubt that we will have some stimulating and expressive work on show. Our Spring Exhibition in October with our highly accomplished national and international guest artist David Ryan will bring out not only products of lockdown but the array of artwork our members are capable of.
     I look forward to the upcoming exhibitions and seeing you in the Gallery.
Philippa Eberlein
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Picton Art Adventure - Mark Stevenson Art Collection
Saturday 22 February 2020  [Article supplied by Cathy Jones - Thank you!]

     The fourth NSAS bus trip to visit the Mark Stevenson Collection and The Diversion Gallery in Picton was a resounding success again. Nineteen of us had delicious morning tea in Havelock, pleased to find great coffee and snacks to suit all dietary requirements. Some even managed a quick visit to the local art gallery which opened a few minutes before their official start time of 10.00 (our deadline for continuing our bus ride).
     We arrived in Picton just before 11am. The group split into two with half going to each venue. We swapped over after lunch, having eaten in cafes or enjoyed picnics in the park. It was my second trip and at least as enjoyable as the first trip. Mark did a wonderful job of telling us the stories behind paintings with additions from time to time by his daughter, Pip, who now has a shop in the front of the gallery making it possible to purchase paintings from the Collection and other arty  bits and pieces. 
      At The Diversion Barbara Speedy gave us a great welcome with glasses of Forrest wine. She showed us a very interesting collection of work by Nigel Brown, Michael Smither, John Parker, Don Binney, Mary McFarlane and several others, giving us lots of interesting information about the artists.
     On the way home we stopped at Pelorus Bridge for coffee and ice-cream’s and arrived home at 5.30pm somewhat sleepy and having thoroughly enjoyed our day. 
Exhibited in the McKee Gallery
8 - 28 June 2020

Four new members!
Kitiish Penketh

Mysterious calligraphy, almost but not quite text, on the verge of communication
Dharma Penketh

An installation of 69 pictures curated independently  by Lee Woodman to great effect
Lauren Kitts

A harmonious interplay of stone and form,
each informing and elevating the other
Jill Seeney

Gentle, almost wistful blocks and lines inducing serene reverie


Currently Exhibiting in the McKee Gallery
29 June 29 - 7 July 2020

Jocelyn Ward
Pond and Inlet

A body of work begun in 2018, inspired by the play of light on the surface of the pond in Queen's Garden

After Jocelyn Ward we can look forward to the following exhibitions:

20 July - 9 August 2020
Land Sea and Sky
Opening function:  Wednesday 21 July 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Paintings, Sculpture, Ceramics

10 - 30 August 2020
Five Artists Four Walls                      

31 August - 26 September 2020

7 October - 8 November 2020      
The Spring Exhibition
Opening function:  Wednesday 7 October 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Guest Artist:  David Ryan
Anne Willcox:  NSAS Life member
Anne Willcox died peacefully in her sleep on 6 June aged 90.  Her life was dedicated to two abiding interests:  her family and her art.
Anne Congdon was born in Newton-le-Willows, a thriving small market town in Lancashire.   Her father, First Officer in the Merchant Marine, frequently visited New Zealand then migrated here with his wife and young daughter in 1934.   Anne attended Karori West Primary School in Wellington and is remembered for her persistent and enthusiastic drawing.  Her father, promoted to Captain, was appointed Wellington Harbour Manager and young Anne moved to Queen Margaret College - in the preparatory school for five years and senior school for a further five years.
After gaining her Fine Arts Preliminary Qualification at the Wellington School of Technology, Anne enrolled at Canterbury University College School of Fine Arts completing her B.V.A in 1949. At that time, and in the years before World War II, career opportunities for young women were limited. The School of Fine Arts risked becoming the Swiss Finishing School of Christchurch! Anne certainly excelled at the expected feminine skills of calligraphy, water-colour painting, embroidery and other fibre and fabric arts but perhaps it is not widely known that she majored in metal-working: hammering sheets and rods of copper into submission before further tormenting them with blow-torch or soldering iron then drowning them in an electro-plating bath
Anne began her impressive teaching career at Nga Tawa College in Marton where she met and later married John Willcox an ex RNZAF pilot and air-navigator who had served in the Pacific war then returned to continue his career with the Bank of New Zealand.
In 1952 and 1953, Anne studied in the UK furthering her art education.  Working as a clinic clerk in St Bart’s, the oldest hospital in London, she attended night classes in general art at the London Technical School then embroidery at Hornsey College of Art.  After returning to New Zealand to marry, Anne taught a full range of art classes at Queen Margaret College from preparatory to 6th form level.
From 1956 to 1965, Anne gave birth to her four talented children who later made their own impressive contributions to banking, teaching and social work.
Anne resumed her art teaching career at Christchurch Girls High-school then, in 1967, taught adult night classes at Golden Bay High School before returning to Christchurch and teaching part-time at Girls High School and later at Hornby High. In 1975 she enrolled at Canterbury Teachers College, earned her post-graduate Teaching Diploma and added to her sporting talents as a tennis player and later golfer by taking mischievous delight in playing touch rugby!
Anne and her family enjoyed their time in the Golden Bay community and owned beach cottages, first at Paton’s Rock then at Parapara. When husband John retired in 1980, they moved to Nelson where Anne helped briefly at Nayland College, became President and Exhibition Convener for the Nelson Embroiderer’s Guild then in 1985 joined the Nelson Suter Art Society.
 Anne Willcox made major contributions to the Embroiderer’s Guild and as a volunteer helper in the Suter Art Gallery.  She is remembered as a hard-working and long-serving member of our Art Society.  For many years she helped prepare and dismantle exhibitions, was selector for fibre arts, played a central role in affiliating with the Embroiderer’s Guild, served on the committee and was deservedly awarded a life membership. 
On 30 June 30 6.OO pm Rachel Reese, the mayor of Nelson,  unveiled  the Miyazu Boulder Sculpture at its new location in the foyer of the Elma Turner library in Nelson. A gift from Nelson's sister city, Miyazu, Japan, it was sent in 1996 to celebrate twenty-five years of their relationship, now the second-longest such relationship in New Zealand. Made of shiny aluminium it features a "boulder" held between two "banks" recognising the rare geological characteristic that both cities possess and that inspired their connection.
Installed in Nelson's airport, it proudly welcomed all travellers into the city, removed only when the building was demolished.  Its new site is equally if not more prominent, being the busiest site  for foot traffic in all of Nelson.  Check out its shininess next time you're in the area.
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