Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts

Steve Halton

I have always loved working with timber.  I am constantly amazed by the diverse range and natural beauty of wood which inspires me to create pieces of art.

Over the years, I have made pieces of furniture, fitted out the interior of an ocean going yacht and taught woodcraft skills at a centre for further education.

In 2002, I started making fine hardwood boxes in North Yorkshire using a variety of English and European timbers. Since moving to Marlborough in 2009, I have been exploring New Zealand and Australian native timbers in my work. I try where possible to use recycled or rescued timber and wood from fallen or wind damaged trees.

My fascination for creating boxes and wall art continues to evolve, exploring design and form but always allowing the natural beauty of the wood to be fully appreciated.

I finish my boxes with Danish Oil and Beeswax mixed with Citrus Oils.  As I use no stains or dyes in my work, all the colours that you see are natural.


Taking inspiration from the natural world, architecture and other cultures, I design and create boxes and wall art, often incorporating other materials such as glass, ceramics and metals. I have exhibited in galleries throughout New Zealand and my work sells both here and to international buyers.


My goal is to produce pieces of art which stimulate and connect with the viewer while highlighting the beauty and natural qualities of wood


Phone: 03 5722765 or 022 628 9151