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Rahel Brodi-Sharrock

I came to New Zealand in 1986 and now live in Richmond, Tasman.I have specializing in teaching art while living in Kibbutz Saar, Israel and extended my skills in painting, printing, weaving and felting at the Southern Institute of Technology and NMIT.
For many years I shared my time between motherhood, painting, organising and teaching after school and holiday art programmes for children in Marlborough and Christchurch. Conducting extension art workshops in schools creating murals and running ‘Children As Artists’ workshops for REAP Marlborough.
My first exhibition in October 1999 was an all sold out heart-warming first! I have since exhibited in Blenheim, Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch, Ashburton and Nelson 

About my work

Nature, my surroundings and the ever changing effects of sunlight during a day and the seasons on the environment is where I find my inspiration. 

All my paintings are carefully composed, intimate views in which I explore colour and composition aiming to create beautiful, joyful paintings. 
I paint still life and landscapes but 2 of my favourite subject matters are grapevines and mail boxes.  

My love of painting grapevines started on a holiday in Arrowtown while observing the many changing shapes of shadows created by the low autumnal sun on leaves, bunches and branches throughout the day.
A move to the wine region of Marlborough and a home with a vine provided the opportunity to further explore this subject closely. 

Mail boxes in New Zealand have left a lasting impression on me since arriving here in 1986. Especially in the rural settings for their variety of shapes, colours and meaningful connections they offer between the outer world and the people at the end of long driveways.