Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts

Peta Wright

Art is subjective as they say and it certainly is. When Peta developed bipolar disorder her then arts student son placed a paintbrush in her hands and said, “Go for it, express yourself.” Consequently a style, naïve/outsider emerged.

Friends ran an exhibition and to the astonishment of Peta they all sold. A visiting curator from the U.S.A. offered representation.


In the U.S.A and Europe there are entire galleries and museums dedicated to exhibiting Outsider Art.


Peta’s mind fills with an image often relating to life events around her and she transfers that thought onto whatever medium is at hand using a vibrant palette and quirky architecture and figures. This is her process and has resulted into publication in the states of The Beatles Book where she painted out many of their songs.

She insists on keeping her prices low so they are affordable and enjoyed
by many. Her beloved sausage dog adorns all her works.

Please contact Peta on
Mobile: 027 2045978