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Nicole Russell

Nicole Russell is known for her watercolour and oil paintings. Her inspiration comes from several years of living with her family on a sailboat in the Chesapeake Bay, and from 18 months of travel with the boat from the USA to the Mediterranean, and finally to New Zealand via the Panama Canal. Many of her subjects are related to her experience during this journey; therefore she likes painting seascapes, water reflections, birds and other wildlife. Her focus is often on a single object where she finds reflections, highlights, strong contrast and movement. Currently she is working on creating a painted story about her sailing adventure, which hopefully will inspire the viewer to one day fulfill their dream of travel or maybe view nature from a different perspective.


Nicole enjoys watercolour because of its transparency and fluidity. Also, watercolour has a mind of its own and it gives her great pleasure to see what the colour is doing on the paper and how it complements the subject. The watercolour paintings are mostly done in the studio. Nicole chooses to use oil paints when she is working plein air or from a life subject. She enjoys oils because of the texture and luminosity.


Nicole’s education is based on several years of intensive drawing and watercolour education in Annapolis, USA. She continues to increase her education and experience through workshops with known and accomplished artists. Her formal education was at the University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where she received her law degree.


Nicole has exhibited in the United States and in New Zealand. Her paintings received Honorable Mention and People’s Choice recognition. She has accepted several commissions.


Nicole lives and works in Richmond/Nelson, New Zealand. She is a working artist of the Nelson Suter Arts Society and a committee member of the Art Group Nelson, and the Tasman Visual Arts Group.





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