Maree Cathcart

I have been an artist since childhood. I have always been driven to create. I create what I like, in the moment, for enjoyment of the process, for myself mostly.

I exhibit occasionally in Nelson and have exhibited in Christchurch, Timaru and Dunedin in the past.

I have been a freelance Art Tutor for some years now. I run workshops at the Nelson Womens Centre and also teach one on one classes.

My greatest influences are the modern era artists, the Post War New Zealand artists, and the Postmodern era especially neo-expressionism.

I enjoy painting abstracted Landscapes and Cityscapes.

I enjoy photography so I am not a realist painter.

Occasionally I challenge myself with Figurative studies. I like the 1930s to 1950s as subject matter.

I also do some thematic work when the occasion suits. I have done works about my own identity/genealogy, war, earthquakes and coal mines.

Often my work is dark, serious.

Then I paint flowers.

Upcycle bottles.

Write bastardised Haiku


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