Marilyn Andrews

Colourist, expressionist, abstract, realist, Landscape artist. I have many labels. Mostly I just LOVE to paint, create, apply colour, texture and  express feeling in my artwork. I have made a living for almost 20 years having fun, working hard, being challenged and feeling satisfied doing what I love. I’m not saying it was easy but I took the chance and ran with it. I’m  very pleased I followed my heart. My works reside all over the world.

I studied for four years at NMIT gaining a certificate in Art and Design and a Diploma in Visual Art majoring in jewellery and sculpture and then made a living from painting.


I have been Published in New Zealand’s Favourite Artists Oct 2006, New Zealand – A Painted Country Nov 2007, Allen Calendars corporate calendar 2011,    Artists Impressions of New Zealand 2011,    Takahe - Issue 81 - April 2014


Gallery 221 Brook St, Nelson
Ph 03 5489400
Mob 0276522793

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