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Lynette Cain

Nelson based cast-glass artist Lynette Cain’s work, explores both the process of casting glass and the conflicting attributes of this media as a means to express ideas. Lynette utilizes the lost wax method of glass casting. With the many variants involved in this process, and the hand finishing, each glass piece ends up being individual, with it’s own distinctive qualities. Lynette enjoys the challenges of the casting process, and aims within her work to create pieces which accentuate the hand-made characteristics, and tactile quality of each piece of glass.


Lynette’s art practice reflects on the relationship between objects, memories, and ones sense of identity. The sculptural works often include other materials sourced from the natural environment.


Lynette completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts through NMIT in 2005, and for over 10 years has worked from her Nelson studio, and exhibited regularly throughout New Zealand.


For further information, visit Lynette’s website