Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts

Lyn Broughton

Lyn came to NZ from Perth, Australia in 1972 to travel around and see the spectacular NZ country ...and never went home!! After a period of "back to the earth" living in the 70's she became interested in stained and leaded glass and for 15 years created windows and free hanging panels for private and public spaces.


A ten year break from the arts followed, during which time Lyn gained a degree in languages and taught both English as a Second Language and volunteered with Literacy Aotearoa. Then in 2005 Lyn turned to painting ...she imagined it might be an "easier" medium than stained glass, but has carried thru her love of colour and linear design, while enjoying the freedom to do things with paint that were not always possible in glass.


Lyn is inspired by the natural environment around her and the creatures that inhabit its lands and skies and seas, down to the smallest insect, but she likes to play around with reality and create vibrant imaginative works that will brighten the senses and lift the spirits.


My artist statement ... I love nature and I love colour, but i like to use design and pattern to create my own unique vision. Following the the pathways of my imagination I paint images of the natural world the way I see it, full of wonder and touched with amazing colour.



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