Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts

Julie Stewart

I attained my BA(Fine Arts) from the Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1996. After an extreme Melbourne summer, my husband and I retired to NZ. The Nelson area was very attractive to us both and we moved to Wakefield in 2010. In the South Island, the scenery is inspirational. From my studio I can reference an ephemeral landscape. The mist and clouds constantly change; the light is sometimes dramatic and harsh, sometimes soft and unifying, but always beautiful.


Working traditionally, I pay homage to early landscape painters, J M Turner, Ruskin, and Australian painter Richard Clements who searched for the sublime. I am an intuitive painter, whose work evolves slowly. The surface is worked and reworked to create a sense of depth, space, time and light.


In NZ, I am represented by the Parker Gallery in Nelson and Detour Gallery in Blenheim, as well as private collections in NZ, Australia, America and the UK.