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Jonathan Truslove

Jonathan Truslove is a New Zealand-based designer-maker new to the title of ‘artist’. From a purpose-built studio/workshop he works principally in timber, though frequently utilises his engineering and building background to incorporate other materials.

Upon leaving Grammar School in the UK at the age of 15 with very little in the way of ‘academic’ qualifications, he undertook an apprenticeship as a cartographic draughtsman back in the days when rOtring isographs and Letraset where the order of the day.


After a few years of overseas travel he returned to the UK to study building engineering, eventually gaining a PhD before emigrating to New Zealand. After a decade in the IT industry, Jonathan returned to his roots, picking up his tools and rebuilding his earthquake damaged home in Christchurch. Several years spent working for not-for-profit groups led him to start a tiny-house-building workshop near Nelson.


In 2018 he spent a year studying furniture design and craftsmanship at the Centre for Fine Woodwork, and now has a studio/workshop where he works full-time on designing and making furniture and artwork.


It is through Jonathan’s training and experience as draughtsman, engineer and builder that he brings a highly technical deliberation to his pieces, often with a strong aspect of exploiting the inherent structural nature and capabilities of materials as either structure, furniture or artwork.