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to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts

Jimena Munoz

Jimena is a visual artist focused primarily on painting. Her chosen medium is acrylic, which she uses in combination with charcoal and newspaper creating layers of mixed media on canvas. In her process, Jimena approaches painting with intuitive gestural strokes to capture the essence of the figure, placing her work in a fine line between drawing and painting.


In today’s constant search for individuality, Jimena looks for a universal identity. A play in repetition aims to strip down differences of culture, gender, race and other categories, to give way to the possibility of finding our true Self.

In 2012, Jimena obtained her B.A. in Studio Art at Limestone College, a Liberal Arts University in South Carolina. Primarily, she enrolled with the purpose of majoring in Graphic Design. Studying under the tutoring of Andrew Cox, she soon realized that her real passion was in Fine Arts. Professor Cox has been a major influence in Jimena’s artistic development.

After graduation Jimena returned to Mexico, her hometown. During this time of newness and exploration, she created “Losing and Finding Meaning,” a body of work inspired by theories of Viktor Frankl. A few of these paintings were part of her first group exhibition, “7 Delirios” held in Galeria El Carmen. She was also finalist in the contest “Soy Mujer, y Mis Derechos Van Donde Yo Voy” (I am woman, and my rights go where I go). A valuable exhibition sponsored by Amnesty International with the purpose of supporting women living in the south east of Mexico, whose rights have been violated.

In 2014 she moved to Nelson eager to keep developing as an artist.