Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts

Glen Davenport

Having been a Weaver since 1970s, the artistic side enabled me to exhibit plus retail, including in the Suter Gallery (creative fibre) through NZ Weaving and Woolcraft Society.


Introduced to pastel art when I had to give up weaving 12 years ago, it was an amazing therapy, and helped me to cope with bereavement, opening up a whole new world, giving me a new lease of life and suddenly I was off down a different track.


Joining the Nelson branch of the NZ Pastel Association not only gave me new friends, but their encouragement and teaching helped me to gain a wider knowledge and skill of this ancient medium, plus access to workshops receiving tuition and inspiration from NZ and overseas artists.


Through the Association several of my pastels have been judged and accepted for national exhibit, leading to recently receiving APANZ (Artist Member of P.A.N.Z.)


My pastel art has always put me in another space. Nature is my inspiration, sea, mountains, garden, sky.  I want to keep what I see. I am always amazed that I can produce a piece of art work which gives me so much pleasure, and that comes first. When I see someone else getting a good feeling from experiencing my work, that is a bonus and it really puts the icing on the cake.


I now live on the edge of Abel Tasman National Park, always wondering what the word ‘retirement’ means….my new photography hobby combined with pastels means always learning and achieving something new and exciting.