23 Sept - 6 October

"Queens Greens" - Georgie Hoby Scutt. Opening Tuesday 24th September @ 5.30pm, all welcome.

28 Aug - 14 Sept

Nelson Suter Art Society Spring Exhibition  Guest Artist - Cathy Carter

5 -23 August

“50/50 Silent auction” - Pro bono works by members and local artists to raise funds for partition walling and a new outdoor sculpture. Hosted by NSAS and The Suter.

15 July - 4 August

New Journeys - New Members Exhibition - Five new members with diverse and interesting work.  Opening Wednesday 17th July, 5:30pm, all welcome.

24 June - 14 July

“Nelson – Plein Air – Et Al” -  Margaret Fairs.   A celebration in Oils, Watercolours and Ceramics of her new life in beautiful Nelson.

10 - 23 June

“Legacy of Maribel” - Charlotte Blythen and Cindy Hutton, NSAS Graduate Award Winner.  Exhibition opening: 12th June, 5:30pm, all welcome.

27 May - 9 June

"Perception 6" - Bonnie Coad, Joanna Dudson Scott, Ynes Guevara, Jane Hibbert, Dharan Longley, Michael Doyle.  Six of the newest members of The Nelson Suter Art Society invite you to their debut exhibition. Perception 6 encapsulates an eclectic mix of work influenced by the wider Nelson community and offers a rich and diverse smorgasbord of perspectives into the stimulating world of art. Opening Wednesday 29th May @ 5.30pm, all welcome.

6 May - 26 May

"Balancing Act : It's a fine line" - Kathy Reilly. Opening 14th May @ 5.30pm, All welcome.

17 April - 5 May

"NSAS Autumn Exhibition"  Receiving day Monday 8th April.  Opening Wednesday 17th April.  Guest exhibitor - Lee Woodman

18 March - 7 April

"Those Who Can Teach - A 40 year retrospective" - Mike Friend

Opening Tuesday 19th March @ 5.30pm. All welcome.

25 Feb - 17 March

"The Daylight and the Dusk" - Sally Barron

5-24 Feb 2019

"HeARTwork" - Jan Thomson

3 Dec - 3 Feb 2019

Nelson Suter Art Society - Summer Cash and Carry

12 Nov - 2 Dec

"Fragility" - Jane Sussmilch, Lynette Cain, Lee-Ann Dixon, Lynn Price, Deb Hunter-Whitlock

Opening Tuesday 13th November @ 5.30pm, all welcome.

22 Oct - 11 Nov

"Earth-Ed" - Francie Heathfield & Dorothy Meharry

Opening Thursday 25th October @ 5.30pm, all welcome.

1 – 21 October

New Members  “Terra Incognita”  

An exhibition of seven new Nelson Suter Art Society members.

Opening Tuesday 2nd October @ 5.30pm, all welcome.

12 Sept - 30 Sept

NSAS Spring Exhibition


Opening Wednesday 12 September at 5:30pm


Featuring guest artist: Reweti Arapere

13 August - 2 Sept

"Double Take" - Natalia Chaplin

Opening Friday 17th August at 5:30pm, all welcome.

19 July - 12 August

"Revue" - Wanda Tait - A Retrospective Exhibition

 A mix of new and older works.

Opening Thursday 26 July at 5.30pm, McKee Gallery. All welcome

11 July - 18 July

"A Timeline of Crewl Work"

Exhibiting 17th to 20th century British and American antique textiles, accompanied by modern crewel work inspired by them and embroidered by Philippa Turnbull, an English Embroidery artist.


2 July - 10 July

"Light Nelson"

Five members of the NSAS will present light-based work in the McKee Gallery - featuring Jason McCormick, Maggy Johnston, Jane Sussmilch, Ann Braunsteiner and Lee Woodman.

11 June - 1 July

Exhibition of Nine new members of the Nelson Suter Art Society

28 May - 10 June

"Pause" Sarah Arnold , Yale Pochon - recipients of NSAS Graduate Award

7 May - 27 May

Pop-Up Exhibition - "More is More"

Kerry Aitkin, Marilyn Andrews, Didi Be, Steven Bellamy, Tania Bostock, Claire Bywater, Vicki Charles, Liz Downey, Janice Gill, Shaune Hattrick, Mags Meechang, Alicia Molloy, Lynn Price, Sally Reynolds, Jane Smith, Jane Sussmilch, Jan Thomson

16 April - 6 May

"Remixing Ground" New & Retrospective Work - Meredith Thorpe, Peter Copp

26 Mar - 15 April

"Each to Their Own"  Peta  Wright, Jane Smith, Jeannette Marlowe, Lynn Broughton

5 Mar - 25 Mar

NSAS Autumn Exhibition


Opening on 7th March at 5:30pm.


Artist talk this Saturday 1pm entry by koha / donation
Announcemnet of peoples choice award at Jeffs artist talk


Extension of Potton Gallery Autumn Exhibition until 2 April 4.30pm