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Erhard Wingel

Born in Germany, lower Rhein-area, I spend most of my life in an urban industrial environment. My passion for photography started early and at the age of 14 I bought my first 2nd hand SLR, Edixa-Reflex (built 1960). Beside studying art, I had the chance to study photography with Pierre Chaperlain, a professional French photographer and lecturer. I focused on black and white photography, industrial and architectural themes and dark room experiments.

Photo-realistic Pop-Art painting and kinetic art have been my other “playgrounds”. Things changed in the year 2000, when I did my first steps into the digital world.

Now the photograph, the perfect shot, is just the beginning. The camera, for me, is a tool. I can do with it whatever I like, technical impossibilities are the only limit.

The same applies to the most important phase after the picture has been taken. What once used to be the darkroom and the canvas is now my computer with nearly endless options. Here, I leave standard photography and follow the path painters went at the beginning of the last century, through phases of abstraction, to creating new realities. The result can be 2 dimensional or a sculpture. Modern high tech materials, prints on steel or glass are my favourites.