Nelson Suter Art Society

to promote and encourage the cultivation and production of work in the visual arts

Christine Wingels

After finishing my Graphik-Design studies I worked as a teacher of art and textil-trades until, in 1990,I founded my design studio and own label “CWDesign”, producing kimono-style unique clothing, in very graphic hand painted designs. Later the focus changed to interior design, working for architects and churches, with exhibitions all over Germany, the Netherlands and NewYork.

Besides that I never stopped painting and experimenting with fabric like material, turning some of this into sculptures.

In 2011 we finally moved to New Zealand and in 2015 we opened a small gallery in our orchard in Collingwood.

Now it is all about painting and sculptures. In a minimalistic style I lead to new esthetic experiences, creating worlds of their own. I am on a search for the “between” and the “behind”, the light and the shadow. Textures for me are fascinating. Hints of organic shapes get organized in a make believe logic order. I love to inspire the viewer’s imagination.

It is the ongoing search for new ways of art, that drives me, creating contemporary art.