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Caroline Baker

I have always loved to draw, I loved how a blank piece of paper could become this beautiful picture and the joy I would feel when I saw what I created and how I would feel when other people saw what I had created. Even now when exhibiting paintings I love to see peoples faces when they look at my artwork and I hope I’ve made them feel something and takes them away from where they are, to another place or brings back a memory.
When I create art it takes me to a place where there’s just me, a place that’s safe, there’s so much going in our lives and when I paint I can paint the world as I see it and for an hour or so I can forget everything else. Art makes me happy and there’s a feeling of pride and accomplishment when a painting is finished and its like I made that!
Nature inspires my art, its beauty, the colours, the shapes, the animals, the plants and how it changes all the time. Its amazing and people never take the time to enjoy it or see it, so I hope they see it in my paintings.
Artist Josephine wall has always been a big inspiration of mine, I loved the colours she used and how many different colours she gets into one of her paintings, the detail and the stories her paintings would tell. I love colour and use it in my paintings to create something bold and bright as well as adding the little details to bring my paintings to life.
I love a lot of mediums but oils have become my favorite with their brightness and the way they can be mixed and manipulated it helps brings my paintings to life.

My name is Caroline Baker
I was born in New Zealand and have lived here all my life.
I have a diploma in art and media which I completed in Ashburton at the Aoraki polytechnic.
I mostly work in oil paints and have recently started to experiment with pastels, I also use an airbrush for a majority of my backgrounds combining acrylics and oils.
I have drawn and painted all my life and intend to keep painting and bringing joy to the people who see my art.
My art is quite stylised and bright and im inspired by nature and the beauty and the colour of new zealand.
I have exhibited in Wellington, Ashburton, Darfield and Dunedin.
Art to me can be anything you want it to be, it can look however you want it to look like as long as its you!