Offering members exhibitions, workshops and support since 1889

The Nelson Suter Art Society began as the Bishopdale Sketching Club formed by Bishop Suter and friends in 1889, some years before the first Suter Art Gallery was in existence.
The present Art Society is an autonomous body with administration and a role quite distinct from that of the Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu.
However, there exists close cooperation between The Suter Trust Board and the Nelson Suter Art Society, with a reciprocal ex officio member on each other's committee.
The McKee Gallery (originally built 1973 and now new as of October 2016), is operated by the Nelson Suter Art Society, who co-ordinate their own on-going exhibition programme.

The Nelson Suter Art Society has over 200 working artist members. Graduates of approved art courses are automatically eligible for membership, but working membership can also be achieved by submitting work for approval.

Supporters and anyone intending to apply for artist membership in the future are welcome to join us as an ordinary member and attend all Art Society functions.

Art Society membership forms are available on this website and from the entrance foyer of the Suter Gallery.

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